Docking Drawer Trio

Cat. No: 822.53.151
  Area of application: For powering hair dryers, straighteners and anything requiring 10 amps of service while also providing USB ports for charging
  Features: Interlocking safety feature - Thermostatic shut off. Cuts power to the outlet if the temperature rises over 50ºC
  Max Current: AC: 10 amps per outlet at 240 VAC combined Max Current: 10 amps
DC: USB Max Current per USB socket: 2.1 amps (total current shared between ports)
Max Input Rating: 450mA at 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  Supplied with: 1 Module with 2 USB-A outlets
2 Modules with AU power outlet
1 AU power lead

≥ 51 mm clearance behind drawer required
Recommended ≥ 75 mm drawer height

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