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LOOX Multi-Dimensional Mirror

Cat. No: 983.19.010
  Features: The new Loox Multi-Dimensional Mirror consists of more than 65 different components which work together to keep your mirror demisted, lit the way you want and can even play your own music.
2 Colour front lighting of 2,700K to 4.000K with built in memory function
Background lighting of 2,700K
Mirror demister
Bluetooth Sound system, with optimised position based on individual mirror size
Fully certified for worldwide use
Rated to IP 44
Easy installation, with a 2 year warranty.
  Key Functions: Front Lighting
Back Lighting
Mirror Demister
Integrated Sound System
  Dimensions (mm): 900 x 600
900 x 900
1200 x 900
  Notes: Electrician required for installation

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions 900 x 600
User Manual/Installation Instructions 900 x 900
User Manual/Installation Instructions 1200 x 900
LOOX Mirror Product Video
BLE Connect App
Multi Dimensional Mirror Flyer
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