BLE Box and RGB Adapter 12V

Cat. No: 850.00.017
  Information: The Häfele Connect BLE box (Bluetooth low energy technology – ideal protocol for wireless light control) makes it possible to intuitively control furniture lighting and electrically operated fittings using a convenient app. A 12 V or 24 V driver supplies the BLE box via two leads. A single BLE Box or an entire network of BLE boxes is intuitively controlled via a Smartphone or tablet. The Häfele Connect App makes it possible to control individual lights and electrically operated fittings. The app controls the switching status (on/off), the brightness (0–100%) and also the colour temperature (with multi white lights) and the light colour (with RGB lights). All parameters can be saved as scenarios and retrieved at any time. Even time-controlled alteration of the brightness, the colour temperature, the light colour and the position of fittings is possible. Real-life images of the actual room and the actual lights provide an intuitive operating experience. The Häfele Connect App is free for Apple IOS® and Android™.
  Product: RGB Set
BLE Box RGB 12 V
  Version: For switching on / off and dimming RGB lights, and adjusting the light colour.
  Number of connections: 1
  L x W x H (mm): 100 x 57 x 17
  Output Current: 2.5 A per output (max. 30 W with 12 V);
Sum total of all outputs max. 60 W with 12 V
  Standby Power Consumption (W): < 0.5 W
  Supplied with: 1 BLE Box, incl. RGB adapter, lead 300 mm
  Notes: The distance between the Smartphone or tablet to the nearest BLE box is approx. 10 m.
Multiple BLE boxes create a network, and can also be placed approx. 10 m apart.
One BLE box occupies 2 outputs of the driver.

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions 1

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