DressCode Trouser Rack.

Cat. No: 805.60.703
  Type of pull out: Full extension with self-closing and soft-closing mechanisms
  Material: Steel, Aluminium, Plastic
  Finish: Powder Coated
  Internal Installation Depth: min. 520mm
  Installation Height: max. 900mm
  Nom. Length: 500mm
  Load Bearing Capacity: max. 10kg
  Installation: Runners: For mounting in provided series drilled holes (wooden cabinet) or on strut (aluminium frame system)
  Supplied With: 1 Trouser Rack
1 Pair of Runners with Häfele Easy Storage Connector
  Note: Convenient and full access to the trousers from the front
Can be freely positioned at intervals of 32mm
Easy installation and disassembly without tools
The system can be adapted to customer requirements at any time
  Order Reference: Cabinet width = 2x side panel thickness + width B + spacer bars (42mm).
Spacer bars are mandatory in order to compensate for the door offset in the cabinet. Please order separately.


 Side Panel Thickness Version Width (B) For Cabinet Width
16 mm For 7 pairs of trousers 526 mm 600 mm
16 mm For 11 pairs of trousers 726 mm 800 mm
16 mm For 13 pairs of trousers 826 mm 900 mm
16 mm For 15 pairs of trousers 926 mm 1000 mm
19 mm For 7 pairs of trousers 520 mm 600 mm
19 mm For 11 pairs of trousers 720 mm 800 mm
19 mm For 13 pairs of trousers 820 mm 900 mm
19 mm For 15 pairs of trousers 920 mm 1000 mm

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