Fineline MosaiQ Set 900mm Model B

Cat. No: 556.05.307
  Area of application: Suitable for drawers with a depth of 500 mm
Material: Made with a material mix of warmly attractive wood and fine metal, the range creates a contemporary, high-end look and a balanced, visual link to carefully chosen kitchen fronts.

4x Drawer Tray
2x Metal Divider, shallow, U-Shaped
2x Drawer Box, square
1x Cross Insert Drawer Box

  Dimensions(WxDxH in mm):

Drawer Tray: 300 x 117.5 x 49
Metal Divider: 107.5 x 111 x 43
Drawer Box: 236 x 236 x 49
Cross Insert Drawer Box: 221 x 221 x 43


4 Drawer Trays equal the depth of a Cutlery Insert
2 Drawer Boxes equal the depth of a Cutlery Insert

Decoration and Utensils not included

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