Folding Bracket - Tikla

Cat. No: 287.48.138
  Material: Steel
  Version: With locking mechanism
  Finish: Brown powder coated
  Capacity: 50 kg per piece (100 kg per pair)
  Function: To raise bracket lift support arm and allow to engage automatically
To fold down lift the support arm and release locking mechanism
  Packing: 1 piece
  Notes: The specified load bearing capacities are sample measurements:
With centre of support arms loaded
With proper and reliable attachment to the wall
Max. distance between two brackets: 600mm

Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Dim. D Art. No.
560 mm 140 mm 120 mm 64 mm 287.48.138
660 mm 140 mm 120 mm 64 mm 287.48.147

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