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Cat. No: 833.73.450
  Information: Bright light sources with changing colours are often in demand for lighting. The LED 2016 colour changing strip light meets these requirements easily.
  Features: Dimmable via RGB colour mixer with remote control
Max. 10 colour mixers with 1–10 remote controls within a radius of 15 m
Installation: Self-adhesive
Multi colour LEDs
  Colour temperature (K) RGB
  Length (mm): 5000
  Height (mm): 2.4
  Wattage (W): 35.5 (7.1 per metre)
  Number of LEDs: 150 (30 per metre)
  Luminous flux (lm): 1050
  Lum. efficacy (lm/W): 29
  Finish: LED board, white
  Supplied with: 5 m roll and 2 m lead 2.5 A/22AWG
  The following products are required for successful installation:

LOOX 60W driver (833.71.611) - Note: only reaches max. 3.4 m
RGB Control Colour Mixer (833.74.802)
RGB Control Remote (833.74.708)

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions 1
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