WFA Duo Water Filtration System

Cat. No: 566.69.260
  Material: Tap: DR brass
  Finish: Polished chrome
  Features: Filtered hot and ambient cold water delivered from a dual faucet. Adjustable temperature for hot water from 60° to 96 °. Child safety lock on dual faucet. Stainless steel tank capacity 2.4L includes 1 micron Classic Water filter and mounting bracket. Reduced chlorine taste and odour, reduces dirt, rust, asbestos fibres, oxidised iron, manganese and sulphides. Reduces parasitic protozoan cysts such as Giardia, entamoeba, cryptosporidum. Absorbs common earthy, mouldy, fishy tastes and odours.

60 cups per hours
Tank: 2.4 ltr

Inlet Water Pressure: Min: 240 kPa
Max: 350 kPa

Tap:036 hole in sink or bench top
Cartridge to be installed vertically.
Space required: 420 mm x 225 mm including 60 mm of clear space for cartridge change.
Boiler unit space required: 334 x  200 x 237mm + 100 mm to each side and front.

 Safety Approval: 142012/00
 Watermark Certificate: WMKA_022045

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