Inspiration you can experience

Inspiration you can experience

Great design starts with good planning and the best place to start is with a Häfele showroom appointment and a chat with the functionality experts.
Ali, Interior Designer and Häfele’s Victorian Showroom Consultant has some expert tips to ensure your project will exceed your expectations.
Gather your inspiration and use tools like Instagram, Pinterest, Style Sourcebook and even the Häfele website to collect your ideas.
Remember to also measure your space and take lots of photos.
Instagram - @hafelehome 
Moodboards - Style Sourcebook 
Pinterest - Hafele Home
Consider how you want to use the space and list your top 3 priorities. Everyone has different lifestyles and whilst the possibilities are endless it’s important to select the products that are just right for you.
Make a complimentary 1-hour appointment with a dedicated showroom consult before you start designing. Your dedicated showroom consultant can show you all the options for your project and help you refine your product selections. Good designs always begins with the function and the form (the look) will follow naturally.
Take your selected product specifications from Häfele to the concept meeting with your interior designer or cabinet maker. This will assist the design discussion, as you will have all the key information you need at your fingertips and the designer can incorporate your selections into the plan.
Concept design review – book a follow-up appointment with a Häfele showroom consultant to review your product selections and concept plans. We can provide advice and product solutions to ensure your project goals are achieved.
Ali, Interior Designer & Häfele Victorian Showroom Consultant
Häfele has 8 dedicated showrooms across Australia that give you the opportunity to discover, explore and experience a wide range of solutions for your next interior project.
To book a 1-hour showroom appointment with a dedicated consultant please
visit our website to find a time that is right for you. 

Book your appointment today!

*A general showroom visit requires no appointment.
Looking for more inspiration?
Check-out loads of projects from our favourite Australian designers
on our social media.
Instagram - @hafelehome 
Facebook - Hafele Home
Moodboards - Style Sourcebook 
Pinterest - Hafele Home


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