Laundry Reveals

Laundry Reveals

“… the L A U N D R Y can often be the forgotten room in the house, but they are actually such an important part of any home.” Kyal & Kara's Bay Builds Episode 4 is packed with design inspiration and clever ideas.
Natasha DenElzen
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Master Suite Reveals

Master Suite Reveals


WATCH NOW: Kara's Walk-In Wardrobe Tour

“You know what they say… go big or go home!” 

Kyal & Kara's Bay Builds Episode 1 has hit the ground running – if you haven’t watched it yet, check it out here for loads of master bedroom inspiration.

The master bedrooms of each house are located upstairs and feature high ceilings and sumptuous outdoor decks.

So let’s jump in and take a look...


House #1 – Master Suite

“When you enter house 1 master bedroom, I want you to feel like you’re walking into a luxury French hotel.” _Kara

“...walk in the door of the master bedroom of house one you immediately feel at ease. I feel like it's got a certain level of sophistication, but it does ooze that luxury vibe “_Kyal


House #1 – Walk In Robe

“We've chosen a soft coloured for the walk-in robe internals to give it that luxe feel when you open up”_Kara

“I think anyone would be happy with a walk-in like this. You walk in and it's like a really nice textured kind of organic vibe – a little bench seat… sit down here put your shoes on and go to work” _Kyal

Storage wise we have a mix of long hanging and short hanging. We have the jewellery insert drawers, and the shoe storage” _Kara



House #1 – Details & Finishes

 “We’ve created layers in this space that really elevate the space” – Kara


Wardrobe ___________
Storage: HÄFELE Dresscode - Wardrobe Lift 805.22.561 - Trouser Rack 805.60.305 - Shoe Storage 806.35.565 + 806.34.505 - Jewellery Insert 806.39.403 + 806.34.503


H1 Master Suite Supplier List 


House #2 – Master Suite

“When I walk into the master bedroom of house 2 its like I’ve been transported way to some exotic resort on the coast of Spain” _ Kara

“…beautiful dark moodiness to it and the deeper tones of this bedroom offer a level of sophistication and warmth _Kyal


House #2 - Walk In Robe

“We went with the darker wall colour so there’s not so much contrast between the darker timber” _Kara

“In the walk-in robe we have the Aged American Oak louvre doors. They add such a beautiful texture to this space, and I think it's something very different for us to give an element of privacy between the walk-in robe and ensuite” _Kara


House #2 - Details & Finishes


Wardrobe ___________

Storage: HÄFELE Dresscode - Wardrobe Lift 805.22.561 - Trouser Rack 805.60.305 - Shoe Storage 806.35.565 + 806.34.505 - Jewellery Insert 806.39.403 + 806.34.503


H2 Master Suite Supplier List 

“We would love to know... do you have a favourite house yet?”

Natasha DenElzen
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Kyal & Kara's New Online Series - Bay Builds

Kyal & Kara's New Online Series - Bay Builds

Fans of luxurious resort-style living and K&K's signature coastal look are eagerly anticipating this new series and we're counting down the days (maybe minutes...) till Episode One drops on 30th April ! 
Natasha DenElzen
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Beautiful, custom storage with the MiO Drawers


Designed and made by German manufacturer Kesseböhmer, MiO Internal Pull-Out Drawers are a high-quality solution for designers looking to design and specify custom storage to meet increasing demands for design, ergonomics, storage space and functionality.


Think BIG with MiO

We love a well organised pantry! MiO adds value to your projects and allows you to customise storage spaces in the kitchen and the pantry.

Clear sides make it even easier to find pantry items and show off beautiful storage vessels. Cleverley concealed, the smooth, sliding full extension runners provide effortless access one drawer at a time.


Create perfect storage in the laundry or bathroom.

A beautiful and easy solution for the laundry utility cupboard - store loose items such as cleaning cloths, cleaning products and small tools and remove the clutter!

Linen storage that showcases AND organises beautiful towels, bedlinen and accessories. Create an efficient, organised linen storage space you will LOVE!


MiO is designed with a host of clever innovative features:

  • Clear sides make it easy to view contents.
  • High quality construction makes it easy to wipe clean.
  • Synchronised drawer runners effortlessly open and close smoothly, every time.
  • Install MiO at any height.
  • 30kg storage capacity to handle almost anything.
  • Easy to specify – 2 standard sizes (to suit 450mm & 600mm wide) and 2 finishes (Arctic White & Anthracite)
  • Maximise storage and select the exact quantity of drawers for your space.


Häfele Showrooms and 1:1 Consultations

We invite you to visit one of Häfele's 8 showrooms across Australia and explore a range of innovative solutions for your home. Book a 1:1 showroom appointment with our experienced staff for personalised service here.

Häfele Project Support Services for Designers.

Our dedicated Häfele Projects Team are available to assist designers anywhere in Australia – our place or yours. Submit your project enquiry here.

Natasha DenElzen
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Designer Series Lever Handle Collection

Introducing six new lever designs in five new and exciting finishes as part of our Häfele Designer Series Collection.

Häfele Home
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Steph and Gian's winning secret's on The Block 2023

Dreams do come true… high school sweethearts Steph and Gian have created a winning home that is a masterclass in style and functionality.

While the young couple might have raised some eyebrows in their neighborhood with their unwavering devotion to all things beige, it's impossible to overlook the universal appeal of their home. It seems this hardworking duo has had the last laugh!

Winning multiple room challenges including the "Work from Home space" and $20k Häfele master wardrobe upgrade and subsequently the "Master Bedroom", plus the "Guest Bedroom" challenge.

As the young couple dove headfirst into their infatuation with every conceivable shade of beige, they couldn't help but catch an earful of criticism from their neighbors. However, when it came to the market appeal of their home, it was simply impossible to turn a blind eye. It appears that this diligent couple is now having the last laugh.


Master Walk-In Wardrobe 

Steph and Gian took their master wardrobe to the next level as the proud winners of the $20,000 Häfele Wardrobe Upgrade. With their exceptional design, they've raised the bar when it comes to high-quality storage solutions.

Their wardrobe design boasts a generous U-shaped layout that excels in maximizing cabinetry and storage. The central island bench, a true showstopper, takes center stage in this wardrobe masterpiece. Adorned with a stunning marble-look benchtop, complemented by metallic platinum and oak timber finishes, and strategically illuminated for a touch of luxury.

But that's not all; functionality and storage have been meticulously considered at every turn in this breathtaking design. A place for everything and everything in its place...

  • Accessory Trays for your precious jewelry, sunglasses, and small essentials.
  • An extendable, pivoting mirror for the ultimate dressing experience.
  • A rotating shoe rack that can accommodate up to 42 pairs of your favorite shoes!
  • Pull-out racks for trousers, scarves, and belts.
  • Ample long and short hanging space to keep your outfits perfectly organized.
  • Beautiful LED lighting that upgrades your style and makes it easy to find everything you need.


Work From Home / Studio 

Steph and Gian's guest studio / work from home space immediately caught everyone's eye, standing apart from the rest as the sole space nestled within the heart of the original home, boasting both internal and external access.

The judges showered praise on the room for its inviting and snug atmosphere, attributing its appeal to more than just the gas fireplace. The clever, custom joinery design paired with sliding panels create the perfect balance of form and function. 

Architect Steph reached out to the knowledgeable team at Häfele to find the perfect solution for her design - Swiss engineered HAWA Clipo 16 HM sliding system. The small track profile, concealed running mechanism and soft-close features were ideal for the light, 19mm panels. The panels slide effortlessly and precisely and elegantly conceal technology and transform the space from work to play!



Steph and Gian - The Block 2023 - Kitchen

With tranquility and sophistication, Steph and Gian skillfully merged neutral tones and texture to craft a contemporary kitchen that serves as the heart of their home.

Their kitchen features a luminous and natural color palette, showcasing Kinsman's Porto Maple Woodmatt and Platinum Metallic cabinets, adorned with eye-catching timber handles and soft creamy countertops, all in harmony with the couple's distinctive style.

“We knew we wanted to continue the Japandi aesthetic into our kitchen design and this is reflected in the colours and finishes we selected. Our design appeals to those who love to cook and entertain...” - Steph

A true haven for entertainers, this kitchen boasts an expansive 3-meter island bench, offering family and guests a front-row view of culinary creations in the making. Keeping the kitchen spick and span is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtfully designed cleaning zone with integrated dishwasher, discreet Ninka Waste Bin, elegant Gunmetal undermount sink, and a matching Gooseneck mixer complete with a veggie spray.

For added convenience, an integrated pull-out Dispensa Pantry takes its place right beside the fridge, ensuring that essential kitchen items are organized and always within easy reach.

Gripp Cutlery Trays make keeping your kitchen organised easy
• Hide your waste and recycling with Ninka Integrated Waste Bin and keep your kitchen always looking its best.
• Position 1 or 2 Dispensa Pull-out Pantry's next to integrated fridge for a beautiful, streamlined look.
• Create the perfect cleaning zone with  Squareline Linen Sink and drainer in on-trend Gunmetal finish.
• Clean-up quickly with Gooseneck mixer with vegie spray and get back to family and friends.
• Use the Pantry Squareline Linen Sink to do the heavy lifting and keep the mess out of sight.
• A beautiful warm ambience to the heart of your home with LOOX Warm LED strip lighting.

Designer tip: Add easy upgrades like drawer organisers, cooking agent pull-outs and hidden waste bins to improve the functionality and storage space in your kitchen.



Harmonizing functionality and aesthetics, Steph and Gian's laundry design strikes the perfect balance between practicality, storage, and style.

Every detail of their laundry room has been meticulously planned to create a space that meets all the requirements. Placing the washing machine and dryer side by side not only maximizes efficiency but also allows for the addition of a spacious laundry bench above - ideal for seamlessly folding and organizing clothing.

With a keen focus on enhancing functionality through ample storage, the inclusion of a Pull-out Wire basket and Häfele’s Tandem Side storage system ensures that all cleaning equipment finds a tidy home in one convenient cupboard.

Steph and Gian Laundry products

• Maximise the storage space for all the cleaning essential with Tandem Side and make it easy to keep your home clean and organised.
• Soak, wash and rinse with Squareline Laundry Sink in stylish Gunmetal finish
• Laundry tasks are made easier with the versatile Gooseneck mixer with pull-out sprayer so you can wash and clean quickly and efficiently.
• Functional LED Strip lighting makes it easy to spot stains the first time! #IYKYK


 Kids or Guest Bedroom

Steph and Gian masterfully crafted a pair of spacious wardrobes for their two guest bedrooms, showcasing a thoughtful approach to multi-generational design.

Their choice of a neutral palette is a sophisticated solution, tailored to create bedroom spaces that will undoubtedly appeal to both adults and children alike. What sets their design apart are the ingenious additional features, such as a versatile desk space that can double as a makeup table, or a cozy seating nook perfect for both bedtime stories and unwinding with a great book.

Each wardrobe is generously equipped with a variety of storage options, including hanging space, open shelving, and soft-close drawers. Integrated lighting with sensors not only bathes the space in a warm and inviting glow but also effectively illuminates the contents of the wardrobe.


• Create a place for everything with Matrix Soft-Close Drawers and keep the kids wadrobes organised.
• A mix of short and long hanging space with Black Hanging Rails ensures the design will last for as long as the kids live at home!
• Find everything easily with functional LOOX Strip Lighting with sensors and banish the morning rush.


Winners of The Block 2023 - Steph and Gian

CONGRATULATIONS Steph and Gian!!!! on creating a winning home that features an abundance of style, functionality and innovative design ideas.

Checkout our socials for all the clever Häfele solutions featured on The Block this year.

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Natasha DenElzen
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Tips from The Home Chaperone to create a practical kitchen.

Tips from The Home Chaperone to create a practical kitchen.

Hey there, fellow home enthusiasts! If you're following our journey at The Home Chaperone, you know we're all about making homes better and more efficient. Today, we're diving into the heart of the house, the kitchen, and talking about the unsung heroes that make daily life a breeze. Yes, we're talking about bins, sinks, and drawer inserts – the true workhorses of your kitchen.
Häfele Home
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The Block Wardrobe's : All You Need to Know!

The Block Wardrobe's : All You Need to Know!

Your Ultimate Guide to Custom Wardrobe Solutions

Studio Bedroom week on The Block 2023 has certainly raised the bar for creating multifunctional spaces that blend style and practicality. Despite the challenges of compact spaces and budgets, the “blockheads” have thoughtfully considered storage, accessibility and functionality in the wardrobe designs created by Kinsman.

The inclusion of open shelving, multiple hanging rails and soft-close drawers provide versatile and organised storage solutions.  Each designs ensures that there is a dedicated place for every item, making it effortless to keep the wardrobe an organised and tidy haven for guests.

WINNERS Steph and Gian's wardrobe has been designed to impress! Elegantly simple, the combination of dove grey doors and walnut handles exude timeless elegance. The placement of this gorgeous wardrobe creates a clever partition to separate bedroom and ensuite and offers much-needed storage to cater for guests needs.

Häfele Featured products: 


Kristy and Brett's wardrobe design makes a bold statement with dark brushed brass handles and smooth bonsai green exterior doors that open to reveal a warm, oak woodgrain interior. A wealth of storage options is provided including hanging space, open shelving, and elegant soft-close drawers.



Häfele Featured products: 



Leah and Ash's ingenious side-by-side double door wardrobe design, combines clothing storage and a pull-down Murphy Bed: the perfect solution for accommodating guests without compromising on style. A sophisticated design that pairs charcoal oak doors and exquisite antique bronze handles with contrasting grey linen finish interiors add a touch of luxury.

Häfele Featured products: 



Kyle and Leslie's guest wing wardrobe seamlessly blends style with functionality to create a modern and inviting space. The neutral palette of matte white cement doors, elegant black handles contrasting with oak woodgrain interiors strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and timeless.




 Häfele Featured products: 



Eliza and Liberty's versatile teenager retreat or guest bedroom embraces both function and comfort. Featuring a timeless palette of fresh white satin doors and dark brushed handles to create a fresh and sophisticated space.  Designed with functionality as a high priority, the wardrobe includes a clever mix of half-hanging space, practical shelving and soft-close drawers.  The intelligent design also integrates door activated LED lighting to brilliantly illuminate the contents of the wardrobe, making it effortless to find exactly what you need and enhances the beautiful contrasting oak interior.


Häfele Featured products: 


We love helping our customers design the perfect space tailored to their specific needs, desires and lifestyle.

Shop The Block Collection

Discover more Häfele functionality at our 8 showrooms across Australia.

Showroom locations


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Loox. the LED Lighting System

Loox. the LED Lighting System

LED light in furniture and furnishings. The effective extension of the room light.

Light is a fundamental part of life. One, that affects our well-being noticeably. The bright, cool white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or light bulbs. Light in furniture and equipment combines harmoniously with the lighting of the room and creates a kind of fourth design dimension.

Due to their low heat development, small design and long service life, LED lights are ideally suited for this purpose. Light colours, even differently temperature-controlled whites, are recreated realistically. The right light is available for every application.

With the Loox LED lighting systems work areas, presentation areas and living rooms can be illuminated for functional and decorative purposes. You can control your well-being in an intentional way. And it is surprisingly simple.

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It is ALL about the details.

Shaynna and the team have created a space that achieves both contemporary style and functionality. The bespoke, integrated cabinetry is the centerpiece of the design and cleverly conceals not only a kitchenette, but also appliances, a cantilevered dining table AND access to the bathroom.

Natasha DenElzen
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Stefan's Favourite Storage Ideas

Stefan's Favourite Storage Ideas

Stefan has been having lots of fun in the Hafele showroom in the lead up to Christmas. 
To celebrate, Stefan has a special discount code YOU can use to SAVE on his favourite products.
Keep reading for your exclusive Discount Code below
Checkout Stefan's favorite products here:
     Gold Brushed Mixer Tap                     Fineline Drawer Inserts
Ninka Qanto Corner Unit                            Ninka Bio Bin
Carousel 270°                                       Tandem Pantry
       Spaceflexx Drawer Insert                No. 15 Pull Out - Tea Towel  
                                                                No. 15 Pull Out - Baking Tray
                                                           No. 15 Pull Out - Two Tier

Use "XMAS2022" at checkout and SAVE!!

Discount Code Valid until 31.12.2022
*Only active on selected products*


Natasha DenElzen
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Designer Secrets

Designer Secrets

Discover the designer secrets behind the magic of Shyanna Blazes' Sutherland House project.
Natasha DenElzen
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