Master Suite Reveals

Master Suite Reveals


WATCH NOW: Kara's Walk-In Wardrobe Tour

“You know what they say… go big or go home!” 

Kyal & Kara's Bay Builds Episode 1 has hit the ground running – if you haven’t watched it yet, check it out here for loads of master bedroom inspiration.

The master bedrooms of each house are located upstairs and feature high ceilings and sumptuous outdoor decks.

So let’s jump in and take a look...


House #1 – Master Suite

“When you enter house 1 master bedroom, I want you to feel like you’re walking into a luxury French hotel.” _Kara

“...walk in the door of the master bedroom of house one you immediately feel at ease. I feel like it's got a certain level of sophistication, but it does ooze that luxury vibe “_Kyal


House #1 – Walk In Robe

“We've chosen a soft coloured for the walk-in robe internals to give it that luxe feel when you open up”_Kara

“I think anyone would be happy with a walk-in like this. You walk in and it's like a really nice textured kind of organic vibe – a little bench seat… sit down here put your shoes on and go to work” _Kyal

Storage wise we have a mix of long hanging and short hanging. We have the jewellery insert drawers, and the shoe storage” _Kara



House #1 – Details & Finishes

 “We’ve created layers in this space that really elevate the space” – Kara


Wardrobe ___________
Storage: HÄFELE Dresscode - Wardrobe Lift 805.22.561 - Trouser Rack 805.60.305 - Shoe Storage 806.35.565 + 806.34.505 - Jewellery Insert 806.39.403 + 806.34.503


H1 Master Suite Supplier List 


House #2 – Master Suite

“When I walk into the master bedroom of house 2 its like I’ve been transported way to some exotic resort on the coast of Spain” _ Kara

“…beautiful dark moodiness to it and the deeper tones of this bedroom offer a level of sophistication and warmth _Kyal


House #2 - Walk In Robe

“We went with the darker wall colour so there’s not so much contrast between the darker timber” _Kara

“In the walk-in robe we have the Aged American Oak louvre doors. They add such a beautiful texture to this space, and I think it's something very different for us to give an element of privacy between the walk-in robe and ensuite” _Kara


House #2 - Details & Finishes


Wardrobe ___________

Storage: HÄFELE Dresscode - Wardrobe Lift 805.22.561 - Trouser Rack 805.60.305 - Shoe Storage 806.35.565 + 806.34.505 - Jewellery Insert 806.39.403 + 806.34.503


H2 Master Suite Supplier List 

“We would love to know... do you have a favourite house yet?”

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