HAWA Concepta

Swiss Engineering to increase space use efficiency in your home

Maximise the use of space in your kitchen, wardrobe, laundry and around the whole home with the HAWA Concepta Sliding and Folding solution. Australian Designers love the pocket doors that slide back and are never in your way. You might have seen this system used on TV Renovation Shows, across Interior Designers on Social Media and of course installed by one of our Studio Partners. The HAWA Concepta is for the Modern, the Sophisticated, the Innovative. Watch your family life unfold with HAWA Concepta. Talk to one of our Studio Partners near you today, to include it in your home!

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Transforming spaces with HAWA Concepta

Kitchens Kitchens
Offices Offices
Laundries Laundries
Wardrobes Wardrobes

We switch into a variety of roles in our everyday lives: at work, at home, or on the go. The HAWA Concepta supports this modern lifesiyle perfectly - allowing storage rooms, washing/drying areas, home offices and kitchens visible and usable only when needed.

Regardless of the scale of the project, HAWA Concepta is the pocket door solution for you.

Flexibility Flexibility
Comfort Comfort
Aesthetics Aesthetics
Security Security

The HAWA Concepta allows for two and four-door systems. The flexible door dimensions allow for a high degree of design freedom - flush-fitting design without separating walls.

The quiet, gentle closing hinged doors are achieved by the integrated soft-closing mechanism. With the unique pocket door systems, you will have free access to the full width of the furniture.

HAWA Concepta won't inerrupt your design! The flush-fitting, floor-to-ceiling front panels with uniform gap pattern support your interior design. The seamless integration of Concepta into cabinet fixtures is not only pleasing to the eye but adds to an additional wow effect.

HAWA Concepta has gone through extensive testing. The long service life even with heavy use make it a reliable component of your home.

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How to get your HAWA Concepta installed

HAWA Concepta requires expertise to install, so its lucky that we have over 80 Studio Partners across Australia to make installation easy for you.

Send an enquiry to a Häfele Studio Partner near you and elevate your renovation to a new level.

Häfele Studio Partners are familiar with the full product range and if you wish can help with far more than specifying and installing pocket doors for you.

Visit the Studio Partner locator today and get your project underway tomorrow.

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