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Häfele Home was launched by Häfele Australia in mid 2017 as a direct touchpoint to end customers. With over 35 years of experience in Australia and over 95 years as a company, Häfele is a trusted partner in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware industry. We work with many cabinet makers, kitchen and interior designers, builders and architects in Australia but it’s time you hear about us too!

Häfele is here to make our busy lives easier and create a home that is not just on trend but also functional and caters for your needs.

No, we don’t build kitchens, we can’t help you with your wall colour nor do we offer furniture, however you will find that we can help you with storage, waste, handle, appliance, sinks & taps and lighting solutions that complete your plans perfectly.

We specialise in kitchens but won’t stop there. Our storage solutions go beyond kitchen builds and cover great solutions for your laundry, bathroom, wardrobe and much more. We even have a section dedicated to your RV and Caravan needs and will continue to grow this range.

Building a fundamental relationship with you is important to us. While the website you are currently on is an online shop, you are also more than welcome to come and visit one of our showrooms across the country, or make an appointment with one of over 100 dedicated studio partners in Australia. Getting to know you as a person and learning more about what you want and actually need is important to us. You are most welcome to bring in any renovation plans you might have and our committed customer service team is happy to help you in a face-to-face conversation. The best thing when you come to our showroom? Well, that’s of course our products! You have the chance to touch, feel and try our products – just like you go for a test drive in your new car before you buy it.

We’re committed to you as our customer and are dedicated to make your life easier!

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