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Ninka Bio Bin for kitchen cabinets
Ninka Bio Bin
Magro built-in Kitchen bin
From $234.09
15 Litre white Waste Bin for base cabinets
Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close
Hidden kitchen bin for base cabinets in white from Hideaway with 2 pails, 15 litre capacity each
Hideaway Waste Bin with 2 pails for base mounting behind hinged doors
Rubbish bin by Hideaway with two pails with 20 litre capacity each, top mounted into cupboard, handle pull,
Door pull waste bin with two white 40 litre pails, top mounted to cabinet, door pull
Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close 2x40 Ltr, Handle Pull, two white pails
Picture of Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close, white bin, 50 litre capacity, handle pull
HIDEAWAY WASTE BIN DELUXE 2X15 LTR HINGED, For base mounting behind hinged doors, hidden waste bin
Hideaway hidden waste bin for fixing to cabinet door fronts
Hideaway soft close waste bin, For fixing to cabinet door fronts, two pails in arctic white, 40 litre capacity each
HIDEAWAY SOFT-CLOSE door pull, 50 litre capacity, hidden rubbish bin
Hideaway Concelo Waste Bin
Hideaway Laundry Hamper in bathroom
Hideaway Laundry Hamper Door Pull in white
OSKA HSC Waste bin, For carcase with min. width 450 mm, base mounted behind hinged door
Häfele Oska HSC
From $105.42
OSKA H Kitchen pull-out bin, For carcase with min. width 400 mm, base mounted behind hinged door
Häfele Oska H
From $86.07
Installed Ninka One2XL Waste Bin
Pull out Waste Bin Euro Cargo ST45 in anthracite
Hailo EURO-CARGO ST30 Kitchen pull out bin in light grey
Hailo CARGO-BASIC 54 pull-out hidden kitchen bin
Hafele Home Hidden Kitchen Bin - Hailo Cargo Basic 30 Ltr
Hailo JUMBO 42 Rubbish bin, hidden in kitchen cabinet
Hailo Jumbo 42
Hailo TANDEM 36 Kitchen waste bin, two pails one in grey one in black
Hailo Tandem 36
Hailo TANDEM 34 kitchen waste and recycling bin in light grey
Hailo Tandem 34
Hailo TANDEM 31 Kitchen Waste and recycling bin
Hailo Tandem 31
Hailo TANDEM 30 Pull-out kitchen waste and recycling bin, For hinged door cabinets
Hailo Tandem 30
Hailo TRIO 29 Kitchen waste and recycling bin, hidden kitchen bin, grey
Hailo Trio 29
Hailo Tandem 30 S Kitchen Recycling and Waste Bin in light grey, pull-out from cabinet
Hailo Tandem 30 S
From $261.18
Ninka Wasteboy, Hidden waste and recycling bin for base cupboards
Hailo Uno 18
Hailo Uno 18
DUO 16
Hailo Duo 16
Hailo Pico 5
Do you still have a rubbish bin standing next to your kitchen cabinet? Move to the 21st century and get a pull-out bin for your home. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there is always some space to hide your bin. Hafele Home offers many different models and sizes for your waste bin. Hideaway, Ninka, Hailo and Hafele Home revolutionise your kitchen waste. Waste bins rarely look pretty, but with Hafele Home you can simply make them invisible. They no longer are the embarrassing part of your kitchen, instead your visitors will love the fact that they are installed in your kitchen cabinet. You even can get a combined set which allows you to separate your rubbish on the spot which makes it easy to recycle again. On Hafele Home you can find several solutions for your home. It is important to us, to deliver the option you are looking for by not compromising on our high quality standards. If you are still unsure of what option would be best for your home, visit one of our studio partners and talk to the qualified staff. Find the nearest studio via our Studio Locator.

41 results

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