Dispensa Pantry 300/400

Cat. No: 546.51.821
  Brand: Kesseböhmer
  Features: The original pull-out larder unit: Successful on the market for over 30 years
ClickFixx �tool-less assembly and simple adjustment: Up to 70% faster assembly
Patented Synchromatic system: Reliable function �guaranteed!
Transparent tray sides: Fast and easy access to contents �clear visibility from top to bottom
Set supplied complete with runner, frame, front strips, front brackets, trays and SoftStopp Pro damping system

All components: Brilliant White
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Bright chrome
Base: Ice White with Anti-Slip Coating

All components: Silver
Trays: ARENA Classic
Gallery rails: Bright chrome
Base: Standard White with Anti-Slip Coating

All components: Anthracite
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Anthracite
Base: Anthracite with Anti-Slip Coating

All components: Brilliant White
Trays Arena Vario
Gallery rails: Bright chrome and glass
Base: Ice White with Anti Slip Coating.

  Number of trays: 5 (1600 - 2000 mm height)
6 (1900 - 2300 mm height)
  Load capacity: 100 kg
  Internal cabinet depth: Min. 500 mm
  Inside cabinet height: 1600 - 2000 mm
1900 - 2300 mm
  External cabinet width: 300 mm
400 mm
  Tray dimensions: 250 x 465 x 97 mm
350 x 465 x 97 mm

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions
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