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Kitchen storage is essential in every home. Cupboards and pantries fill up so easily, especially after you have lived in your home for several years. Hafele Home provides you with kitchen storage in every corner, any size of your kitchen cabinets and any height! Most people plan their kitchen around their base units and installing a few overhead cabinets. But don’t forget about tall kitchen pantries and corner solutions. Corner cabinets are not liked by many because of the difficulty of reaching items in the back – plan your kitchen better than others by looking at effective corner solutions: no wasted space, but easy access to all items. Overhead cabinets are also an issue for wasted space, but with the iMove it’s not just an overhead cabinet anymore. Reach the items in the top back shelf by simply pulling it down – it’s as easy as that. Kitchen storage can be an exciting and innovative part of your home planning, it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious at all. Make your kitchen a functional eye catcher with Hafele Home.
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