Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer started in 2014 in the US, where the first generation of an in-drawer outlet was launched at KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show). As the interest grew, the product quickly wasn’t just available in North America anymore but became a global success as well. These power outlets that perfectly hide away in your drawer, are a popular choice not just for kitchen drawers, but also bathrooms and even commercial projects.

Docking Drawers are smart, simple and safe. The Docking Drawer Trio features an interlocking safety rated thermostat that cuts power to the outlet if temperature rises above 50°C, to ensure safe operation. The compact design makes installation easy and makes it possible to be retrofitted. Safety always comes first! Docking Drawer Duo and Trio outlets are CE, RCM and Australian Standard certified and assemblies are cycle tested over 500,000 times to ensure a long life of safe operation.

Overall, they’re a great solution to declutter your benchtop from unnecessary power points that disrupt your design. Your mobile devices now can easily and safely be charged out of sight.

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