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Hideaway Bins are a product from Kitchen King Ltd which is a family owned business from New Zealand. In the market, Hideaway Bins built a strong reputation for their quality and innovation. Hideaway makes it their priority to being on trend and deliver the best quality on the market hence they are in constant communication with designers and manufacturers to continue to improve their products. Because they especially focus on the Australasian market, the company understands market needs, customers’ pain points and current discussions. This provides them with great insights to meet the unique requirements of the Australasian market.

By choosing Hideaway Bins, you are adding another great quality product to your home. Easy to use, easy to clean, waste always hidden away. Hideaway is a great waste bin solution for your home!

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Door pull waste bin with two white 40 litre pails, top mounted to cabinet, door pull
Rubbish bin by Hideaway with two pails with 20 litre capacity each, top mounted into cupboard, handle pull,
Hideaway Waste Bin with 2 pails for base mounting behind hinged doors
Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close 2x40 Ltr (Handle Pull)
Hideaway hidden waste bin for fixing to cabinet door fronts
Hidden kitchen bin for base cabinets in white from Hideaway with 2 pails, 15 litre capacity each
Hideaway Concelo Laundry Hamper in White and Cinder
Hideaway Concelo Waste Bin
Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close
Hideaway Waste Bin Soft-Close 1x50 Ltr (Door Pull)
Hideaway Waste Bin Compact Soft-Close 1x50 Ltr (Handle Pull)
15 Litre white Waste Bin for base cabinets
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