Häfele Connect Mesh motion detector

Cat. No: 850.00.953
  Area of Application: For controlling Häfele Connect Mesh components in a network
  Configuration: Programming of motion detector and brightness sensor via app to actuate each node of the network
  Version: Sensor (motion, brightness)
  Material: Plastic
  Colour: Black
  Dim. (L x W x H): 43 x 43 mm
  Installation depth: 10 mm
  Switching function: On/off
   Mounting: For mounting in drilled hole and clamp fixing, for screw fixing

   Battery service life: >1 year
   Supplied with 1 x furniture switch
1 x down light housing
  Order Reference: 

Order reference
Please order Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor separately.
Please order 1 lithium button cell battery CR2032
(1 x 002.99.032) separately.


Soft switch-on and after-run time, with brightness sensor 
threshold value adjustable via app.


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