Tandem Pantry Arena Style

Cat. No: 545.94.612
  Features: TANDEM Depot – supermarket shelf-type storage at home
Split storage – front + rear shelf units – for a better overview and more transparency
Emotional movement sequences: The front (door) shelf swings open with the door; The rear shelf is automatically drawn forward
Same frame for left and right installation – to simplify planning – independent of cabinet height
Mature, reliable runner system

All components: Brilliant White
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Bright chrome
Base: Ice White with Anti-Slip Coating

All frame components: Anthracite
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Anthracite
Base: Anthracite with Anti-Slip Coating

  Number of trays: 6 + 6
  Inside cabinet height: min. 1700 mm
  To suit cabinet width: 450 mm
500 mm
600 mm
  Tray dimensions: 383 x 275 x 75 mm
433 x 275 x 75 mm
518 x 275 x 75 mm

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions
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