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Range hood or Kitchen hood – it’s the same product. Where there’s a cooktop, there’s a range hood. As with cooktops, range hoods don’t look the same. In fact, there are various differences between range hoods. Hafele Home has a wide selection of range hood selection which includes Wall Mounted Range Hoods, Island Range Hoods, Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods, Built-In Range Hoods and a few more!  Hafele Home gives you the choice of selecting a standard range hood, or a range hood out of the impressionist range with many features. The choice of your range hood should always have the full picture in mind and the kitchen design you are after. To help you figure out what the best choice is, get in touch with us or visit one of our studio partners in their studio to get a consultation and advice of the best option. Our Studio Locator will help you find the nearest studio to your home.

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