Häfele is a German company with long-standing experience in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware. It started in a small town in the Black Forest, Germany in 1923 and grew to a global leader throughout the years. Despite their long history, Häfele still is a family owned business. Häfele now has subsidiaries in 38 countries and serves 150 countries all over the world. Trusted by architects, planners, builders, joiners and cabinet makers you cannot go wrong with choosing Häfele.

All Häfele products have high European standards and are well received in the industry. Benefit from Häfele’s expertise and performance in your own home!

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Mushroom Furniture Knob Pack
Furniture Handle Studio
Magro built-in Kitchen bin
From $265.35
Push Button Lock Brown
Push Button Lock
From $7.00
Black Dream Monitor Arm Combo
Dream Monitor Arm - Combo
$208.80 $519.71
Ventilation Grill
Extension lead for 12V System
Extension Leads
From $2.28
LOOX 2034 LED light with USB charger
Laundry Basket - For Base Units
Finger Post Furniture Knob Pack
Wicker Basket
Storage Basket
From $161.63
Furniture Handle H1350
Furniture Handle H1510
Installed Starax Pull-Out Wire Basket
Hafele 110º Series 200 Hinges
Beech Runner
Beech Runner
Furniture Handle Urban
Round Wardrobe Rail
Round Wardrobe Rail
From $24.63
Studio Furniture Handle in Black Nickel
Tubular Latch - Dual Sprung
Brass Brushed Plated Furniture Handle H1925
Installed Wardrobe Storage Starax Pull-Out Combi Rail Rack
Installed Wardrobe Starax Pull-out Shoe Rack
Push Button
Push Button
Black USB Charger station with round corner
USB Charger Station
From $8.84
Surface Mounted All Purpose Basket
Gooseneck Mixer Tap in Stainless Steel
Furniture Handle H1380
Hospa Pozidrive Countersunk Screws
Hafele Duo Standard Flap Fitting in Black
12 Glass Holder in Black
12 Glass Holder
From $38.66
Antique Handle Brass Colour
Steel Antique Handle
$1.24 $8.85
HI-LO Funnel Head Screws | Phillips Recess
Worktop protection rails mounted on bench top with silver saucepan on top

558 results

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