Dispensa Pantry 170

Cat. No: 546.59.020
  Features: Can be used for cabinets with external width of 170 mm
High flexibility for different cabinet heights due to adjustable frame
Door mounted to pull out
Including SoftStopp Pro damper package
Complete sets with two equipment variants available
LGA certified
With ClickFixx assembly and adjustment system
With synchromatic runner system

All components: Brilliant White
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Bright chrome
Base: Ice White with Anti-Slip Coating

All components: Brilliant White
Trays: ARENA Classic
Gallery rails: Bright chrome
Base: Standard White with Anti-Slip Coating

All components: Anthracite
Trays: ARENA Style
Gallery rails: Anthracite
Base: Anthracite with Anti-Slip Coating

  Number of trays:

For inside cabinet 1600 - 2000 mm: 5
For inside cabinet 1900 - 2300 mm: 6

  Load capacity: Max. 100 kg
  Internal cabinet depth: Min. 500 mm
  Inside cabinet height: 1600 - 2000 mm
1900 - 2300 mm
  External cabinet width: Min. 170 mm
  Tray dimensions:

Arena Style:
100 x 465 x 97 mm

Arena Classic:
100 x 462 x 106 mm

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