REVO 90°

Cat. No: 541.46.633
The front panel slides into the cupboard as it opens
Stepless tray height changes: Optimal use of space – ideal for tall pots and kitchen machines
The doors fold gently away, the carousel rotates smoothly, the doors close automatically
Closing speed can be customised at any time
Simplifies planning, assembly and logistics
Combines mature technology with innovative details
Transparency thanks to rotating trays
     Finish: All components: Brilliant White
    Trays: ARENA Classic or ARENA Style
    Gallery rails: Bright chrome
    Base: Ice white with AntiSlip Coating
     Number of trays: 2
     Inside height: 660-860 mm
     To suit cabinet width: 900 x 900 mm
     Dimension of Trays: Ø 810
     Load capacity per shelf: ≤ 25 kg

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