Stainless Steel Drawer Organiser for Häfele and Blum Drawer

Cat. No: 557.80.993
  Area of application: Suitable for all Häfele Alto Drawers and Blum Drawers with a depth of 500 mm
  Depth: 474
  Height: 64 mm
  Material: Stainless steel and plastic, grey
  Note: Drawer organiser configurations will not fit the entire drawer width, but have been designed to provide a space left or right of the tray for long utensils

To suit cabinet width: Configuration: Art.No.:
400/450 mm 1 x A 557.80.993
500 mm 1 x B 557.80.994
600 mm 1 x B 557.80.572
700 mm 2 x A 557.80.582
800 mm 1 x A, 1 x B 557.80.592
900 mm 2 x B 557.80.602
1000 mm 2 x B 557.80.612
1200 mm 3 x A 557.80.622

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