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USB Charger Station

Cat. No: 833.73.751
  Cover Ring: Round or Square
  Material/Finish: Plastic, matt, black
  Installation: For mounting in drilled hole, for clamp fixing
  Drill hole Ø: 35 mm
  Output voltage: 5 V
  Output Current: 2 A
  Power Consumption: 3Max. 15 W
  Supplied with: 1 USB charging station
  Notes: The USB charging station is intended for direct installation in the furniture. It can charge up to two tablets or smartphones simultaneously, and therefore provides additional functionality in the living area and stores. The cover ring can be removed.

The USB Charger Station comes in the colour "black" not in "nickel plated" as seen in the picture!

  Following products are needed for successful installation: Snap Connector Lead (e.g. 833.72.880)

  Support: User Manual/Installation Instructions 833.73.751
User Manual/Installation Instructions 833.73.754
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