White Hallway with brass furniture knobs

Brass Up Your Laundry

Browsing through hundreds of mood boards, Interior Design Pinterest boards, posts we’ve been tagged in on social media and messages we receive from you, we have noticed you love brass. Not just in your kitchen but also and especially in your laundry! Brass furniture handles, brass wardrobe rails, brass taps, brass sinks for the bold among you and even brass door hardware. The golden finish has always been around, in some eras more present than in others but what we see right at this moment is the use of brass and golden finishes to put emphasis on your home and overall design. In all honesty, we’re here for it!

Brass handles on cabinets

The first noticeable request was from Kelly, aka The Styling Mama on Social Media, when she was excited about our Brass Furniture Knobs H1960 that she used in her laundry.

Her laundry has white cabinets and is a very light and bright space overall. The golden handles work well in her space and add a little contrast to the white walls and white cabinets.

Laundry with white cabinets with brass furniture knobs. Open wall shelf with black inserts on right side

Her laundry is an open space within the hallway which allows for beautiful natural light. Kelly incorporated wall-height cabinets in the hallway to allow for additional storage and stunning Häfele wall hooks for the kids to hang their school bags and jackets in a black finish. To open up the space, she also chose the Smart Cube shelving system on one side of the laundry nook. Perfect to use the bottom rails of the shelving frame as a hanging space for coat hangers. As the Smart Cube shelving system comes in a stunning black, you can completely customise the look by choosing shelf boards in a finish to match your design.

The brass cabinet handles blend in well with Kelly’s overall design that she kept in a neutral colour palette and add that little bit of extra sparkle to the room.

Create a more dramatic colour palette by adding brass

In a more recent renovation, Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict, incorporated our stunning brass wardrobe rail in her laundry. Compared to Kelly, Jen opted for a slightly more dramatic and higher contrast colour palette by choosing navy as her colour of choice for cabinets and a blue patterned tile. The laundry that’s adjoined to Jen’s kitchen features the same brass furniture handles to give her home consistency and a smooth flow from room to room.

The navy and gold colour palette was also followed with her sink and tap choice – both in a stunning brass, and topped off with our very own brass hanging rail that sits above her sink and bench space, allowing enough room to hang shirts comfortably.

With this renovation, Jen definitely achieved making her small laundry (2.5 x 1.5m) look bigger and so much more organised! Even in the hidden corner she managed to add brass coat hooks to round off her colour palette. She documented her full renovation on The Interiors Addict blog for you to read more – it’s well worth heading over there!

Keeping it neutral

If you love the idea of adding gold features to your home but prefer to keep your overall tones neutral, opting for white cabinets is always a great option. There never seems to be enough light so make sure you have either enough natural light coming in or adding LED lighting options to your laundry and home in general.

Keeping your room in a white finish makes your brass features stand out even more! Whether you opt in for one brass feature or add multiple items within the golden colour palette, the choice is completely yours!

Own your style

No matter what you decide to go ahead with, use Pinterest and other platforms as an inspiration, but own your own style! You can mix and match things you love out of various laundries and mood boards to create a design that’s truly you and unique to you!

Furniture Knobs or Furniture Handles, rectangular or round sink, gooseneck or squareline tap, the choices are endless and no design looks like another. Before you start buying all the goods you love, we always recommend creating a mood board or somewhat of an inspiration board to you that you can always go back to.

Additionally, while online is great and convenient, when you have the chance come on in and visit our showroom! We are here to help you and make your renovation a success! Bring in your plans with measurements and our showroom staff is also able to help you out recommending products that will work for you according to your needs and use. As we like to say, there is no home like another. We’re all different people with different needs and habits and our homes should also reflect this.

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