The Guest Bedrooms that had us in awe!

The Guest Bedrooms that had us in awe!

The Block 2021 Fans vs. Faves is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited for every Sunday’s reveal. As always, this season kicked off with the first bedroom but everything else was quite different to previous years. Instead of having five new couples competing against each other, Channel 9 mixed it up and brought in two teams who competed before, known as the faves, and three teams who are newbies to the show, known as the fans.

Mitch and Mark who competed in 2019 and completed The Oslo are back as well as Ronnie and Georgia from The Block 2017. They star next to newbies Tanya and Vito from Victoria, Jesse and Kirsty from New South Wales, and Sydney-siders Love Island reality TV stars, Josh and Luke.

The Guest Bedroom is always a great first challenge to see what the teams are capable of and experiment with their design. So we were excited to see what they have put together! To help highlight the beautiful cabinetry done by Kinsman Group, all teams have used Loox LED Striplighting. LED lighting in cabinets is a hot topic right now and we’re excited to help out the teams to achieve their visions with our Loox range!

Ronnie and Georgia

Guest Bedroom Ronnie and Georgia in a neutral bright colour palette

Ronnie and Georgia took home the win with their stunning neutral bedroom. The storage space behind those cabinets was enormous and a dream for any guest bedroom. As all couples in their guest bedroom, Ronnie and Georgia included our oval black hanging rails. A beautiful contrast to the light and bright exterior. To add a little functionality to the space, they’ve also opted to include a Häfele USB charger in the guest bedroom. In times like these such little added features are more important than ever!

Mitch and Mark

Guest Bedroom 1 Mitch and Mark in a warm colour palette

Mitch and Mark are a couple known to the world of Häfele. The Oslo featured many great Häfele products right from the start. This year it didn’t start any different. Behind the warm cabinet doors, you not only find oval black hanging rails but also our Flexstore Trouser rack. And as LED lighting is a crucial part of any modern interior design, Mitch and Mark also included some of our very own Loox LED lighting strips.

Guest Wardrobe of Mitch and Mark with open doors to show what's behind the cabinet doors

Tanya and Vito

Guest Bedroom 1 of Tanya and Vito

If you’re loving vibrant colours, Tanya and Vito seems to be your team for this year! The couple combined a beautiful colour palette with functional design. The Loox Multidimensional mirror is perfect for a little make-up nook as it features front and back lighting. But it doesn’t just end there. The mirror also has an integrated sound system and if used in the bathroom, the demister function comes in quite handy as well. Behind the tall cabinet doors of the wardrobe hides a pull-out mirror as well as black hanging rails that we have also seen in previous bedrooms.

Guest Wardrobe of Tanya and Vito

Josh and Luke

Guest Bedroom 1 Josh and Luke

The twins might be new to renovating, but they’re certainly not new to growing with each opportunity. Their guest bedroom gave a first hint of what they’re capable of. Installing folding doors on one side to the room for easy outdoor access and a wardrobe that’s truly unique, featuring glass doors. Of course the black hanging rails were an essential in their plans – going beautifully with their chosen colour palette.

Kirsty and Jesse

Guest Bedroom 1 Kirsty and Jesse

Kirsty and Jesse had the biggest space to transform in week one as the generous bedroom features a walk-in robe. In the overall white and subtle blue colour palate, they’ve also used black hanging rails and included our 8 Compartment Tray for easy organisation within the wardrobe. What a space!


We were amazed to see what these couples are capable of in just the first week and can’t wait to follow their journey right until the end. Of course we will keep you updated on our Blog with more Häfele products of being used to make it easy for you to shop the look!

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