Master Bedrooms you wish you had at home

Master Bedrooms you wish you had at home

It’s no surprise that The Block delivers beautiful room reveals every week! While we love the colour palettes, finishes and overall design of the rooms like everyone else, what really gets us excited is when we get a sneak peek into the hardware that’s used. For us, in the end it’s how a room functions in everyday life. On trend colours bring warmth and comfort to the home while storage solutions, layout and other features are crucial for long-term satisfaction within your home.

A couple of weeks ago we had a look at the guest bedrooms that The Block teams have done in their very first week on the show and today we want to check out what they achieved in the master bedrooms and have a close look what’s been used in their walk-in robes!

Ronnie and Georgia

Wardrobe from Ronnie and Georgia

While Ronnie and Georgia’s master bedroom landed them in 4th place with 23 ½ points in week 3 let’s have a look what their wardrobe entails.

While their wardrobe lacks some functional accessories in our opinion, Ronnie and Georgia installed beautiful LED strip lighting for that perfect outfit selection night and day. As they displayed in their guest bedroom in week 1, the couple from Western Australia have also thought of adding technology to their contemporary design. The master bedroom features the Häfele sound system and USB charger to meet modern needs.

Even though their walk-in robe is relatively small for a master bedroom and lacks some features that could add great functionality to the space, it has great bones to work with.

Ronnie and Georgia's wardrobe in the Master Bedroom

Mitch and Mark

Mitch and Mark's Wardrobe

Mitch and Mark’s master bedroom came a close second with 26 ½ points in week 3. Their colour palette won the judges over and their wardrobe space was presented with some handy storage solutions perfectly fitted to the available space.

The galley wardrobe features a pull-out mirror like we’ve seen in Tanya and Vito’s guest bedroom. But additionally Mitch and Mark continued using Flex Store wardrobe pull-outs to add functionality. The trouser rack that they’ve used in their guest bedroom before was accompanied with a couple of shoe racks for the master bedroom.

For their beautiful styling, Mitch and Mark won the styling challenge and received a Chanel handbag plus a handbag hanger out of our exclusive Salice Night Wardrobe Accessories range. Watch this space as it will drop for all soon!

Mitch and Mark

Tanya and Vito

Tanya and Vito

Tanya and Vito’s wardrobe might not have won the judges over, but their overall master bedroom still landed them in a solid 3rd place with 24 points.

Their wardrobe features many Häfele products for added functionality. The black hanging rails seem to be on trend this year with all teams including them in their houses. Additionally, Tanya and Vito opted for a few pull-out systems to help with wardrobe organisation. They used the laundry hampers, trouser racks, and wire baskets of our Flex Store range. Of course their wardrobe also featured some great lighting as we have seen before!

While Tanya and Vito’s wardrobe wasn’t as eye-catching as some other wardrobes, they definitely thought about how it is going to function in an everyday setting – thinking about great features to add functionality to their design.

 Tanya and Vito's Wardrobe

Luke and Josh

Josh and Luke's Wardrobe

Luke and Josh’s master bedroom took the win home for the boys in week three. Their master bedroom achieved a great score of 27 points by the judges.

The wardrobe definitely was a showstopper on Sunday night’s reveal. Josh and Luke continued with the black wardrobe rails that they have also used in the guest bedroom in week one but also added another Häfele product that definitely drew some attention to the wardrobe. The Loox Multi-Dimensional Mirror is always a highlight. With its front and back lighting features, it’s a great make up mirror. The built-in sound system that connects easily via Bluetooth to your phone adds the right tone to getting ready, whether that’s for work in the morning or for dinner at night. The integrated demister is perfect for when the mirror is used in a bathroom.

Luke and Josh have clearly delivered a great master bedroom in week three. We’re excited to see their confidence growing in owning their style and choices.

Kirsty and Jesse

Kirsty and Jesse's wardrobe

Kirsty and Jesse delivered a sophisticated master bedroom that achieved a score of 23 points by the judges. Even though they came last in week three, there’s nothing to hide as it’s still a room many of us wish they had in their own home.

The wardrobe was a bit tight as commented by the judges and two people wouldn’t be able to use the space at the same time. While some suggestions for improvement were made, there’s still a lot to like about the space. They thought of quite a few nice hidden treasures behind the cabinet doors.

One of them clearly being the pull-out mirror that we’ve also seen used in guest bedrooms before. What’s new is the rotating shoe rack! You’ve seen it first on The Block and it’s pretty awesome for all shoe lovers out there. Give your shoes a dedicated space in your wardrobe with this new feature.

 Kirsty and Jesse Shoe Storage

Overall, we loved what we’ve seen in this year’s master bedrooms! While there are always suggestions on how to improve, what the teams achieve in just one week is truly incredible and we can’t wait to see what will unfold in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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