Empty corners and wasted corner space are very common. You have corners in every kitchen but not all the time this space is used wisely. It could be so easy!

Häfele makes it their mission to provide innovative and efficient solutions for every home and corporate space. What started with focusing on just kitchens has now expanded to provide home solutions for the whole living space. However, we do believe that the kitchen is the heart of ever home. The kitchen is where family happens, where life occurs. More often than not people don’t like their kitchen and are not satisfied with their decisions when they built their kitchen. Häfele not only understands the problem, but also provides solutions for it. We offer various storage solutions to make sure we also have the right fit for you.

Häfele’s corner solutions for you

Let’s be honest, you can never have too much storage. As soon as you move into your new home, it starts to get filled with many things. The kitchen is no different. Wasted corner space is just annoying and could be used effectively. This is Hafele’s job to solve for you. We offer three different alternatives for your kitchen corner: LeMans II, the Magic Corner or REVO 90. All three of them are very effective, yet so different.

Corner Storage LeMans II

Take the LeMans II. The only corner unit solution that combines corner space utilisation with outstanding access, LeMans II trays swing right out in front of the cabinet at an 85° opening angle and combines optimal space utilisation for a clear overview and beautiful action.

Corner Storage: Magic Corner

You don’t like this design or it doesn’t work for you? Not an issue. The second alternative for your corner is the Magic Corner. It doesn’t only sound magical, it truly is as well. The Magic corner is capable of housing two complete cabinets next to each other in only one corner cabinet. If this doesn’t sound magical to you, then we don’t know what is.

Corner Storage REVO 90

Or as the saying goes: the best things come in threes. The third option for your kitchen corner cabinet is the REVO 90. It is a wonderful, innovative corner solution where front panels turn with a carousel-like rotation. It is very simple and a popular option for kitchen corners.

As you can see, it is your choice. We don’t tell you what you have to do by only giving you one option. Häfele focuses on providing more than just one solution so you have the choice and can pick an option which suits you best.

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