Light is a fundamental part of life. One that affects our well-being noticeably. The bright, cool white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or light bulbs. Inside, one tries to mimic daylight in an effort to design the room with it. Light in furniture and furnishings blends harmoniously with the lighting of the room adding another layer to the design – a fourth dimension. This way, subtle nuances in the ambiance are created and specific areas are separated or accentuated to create a perfectly composed holistic effect.

Due to the low heat development, the small fixture size and the long service life LED lights are ideally suited for this purpose. Light colours, even differently tempered whites, are recreated realistically. With the Loox LED system work areas, presentation areas and living rooms can be illuminated for functional and decorative purposes. Well-being can be influenced in a targeted manner. And it is surprisingly simple.

Hafele Connect App for Lighting Control

Häfele Connect

With LOOX Lighting you step into a world of modern lighting which you can control over an app – if you wish. Häfele Connect allows you to switch lights on and off and even regulate the colours or brightness of your lights.
Häfele Connect is the new system for intelligent and wireless light control, creating the perfect atmosphere for many different situations with light. The Loox LED system offers optimum solutions for any requirement. With Häfele Connect, you can connect and control all components centrally and design the light effects to suit the occasion. Control is effortless using a smartphone or tablet. The Häfele Connect app connects itself to the Connect BLE boxes via Bluetooth. Häfele Connect provides a comprehensive range of control options, including control of the light colour with RGB lights or adjustment of the colour temperature with multi white lights. Different lights can be grouped together, allowing many scenarios to be stored and time-controlled or called up with a simple finger press. Simple and elegant.

LOOX RGB Bar Lighting

Quality and Performance

An important factor for new technologies is the reliability in use. Häfele has therefore set high standards for the selection of materials, which are continually tested and certified internationally. LEDs are tested and sorted for colour, luminous flux and forward voltage after production. Häfele selects the highest quality class LEDs for maximum durability, energy efficiency and to ensure aftermarket replacement quality. Häfele has an extensive list of quality criteria in order to ensure reliable products and long-term customer satisfaction.

LOOX Bathroom Lighting

LED lights are the future

Europe has already banned Halogen light bulbs and in Australia, these light bulbs will be banned from late 2020. The sales for halogen light bulbs have been decreasing continuously over the last few years whereas LED sales have increased. LED lights are not only environmentally friendlier, they also last longer, are bright the second you switch them on, without having a “warm-up” period until they function to their full capacity and they have a great colour rendering index (CRI).

They might cost a little bit more at first, but their lifespan is two to four times longer than most fluorescent, metal halide and sodium vapor lights and even five to fifteen times longer compared to most halogen lamps. Additionally, LED lights are energy efficient. You can save more than 75% energy by using LED lights while they will have the same output! While LED lights have a higher initial cost, you can see that they will pay out in the end.
Häfele is delighted to offer you our new LOOX Lighting collection. If you are a trade partner, talk to one of our Häfele representatives and if you are an individual customer, find the LOOX range on Häfele Home. Check in regularly, as we will update more products over time!

Hafele Connect via LOOX Lighting

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