Häfele Home adds Augmented Reality

Häfele Home adds Augmented Reality

2020 hasn’t exactly gone as planned but that’s exactly why we’ve been focusing on new projects and features. Get your phone ready and let’s get started!

You can now experience Häfele products without leaving your home, thanks to technology!

Augmented Reality has been added to our Furniture Handle range. This brand new feature allows you to add a furniture handle of your choice to your cabinets via the camera of your phone. It’s a fantastic feature to get a feeling on how different styles will look in your home.

You are able to fix the handle on your cabinet and by twisting and turning your phone you can view the handle from all desired angles.

But now, let’s talk you through how you can start using this new Augmented Reality feature:

  1. Head to the Handle collection
  2. Tap on a handle of your choice to open the product page
  3. Next to the “Add to Cart” button, you will find another button named “360° View” – tap on it
  4. A new window will open up that shows you the option to view AR – tap on the box icon
  5. Your camera screen will open and you can place the handle in your home. You can move it on the screen and place it where you want. Once it’s placed, you can move your phone and view the handle from all different angles. You can also zoom in or out!

Can you use the AR feature on your mobile device?

At the moment, the AR function will only work with iOS devices with an A9 processor or higher and iOS or higher.

If you have an Android phone, you are required to download/update Google Play Service for AR in your Google Play Store.

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