Kitchen Design with Interior Designer Hailey McGinty

Kitchen Design with Interior Designer Hailey McGinty

2020 was an exciting year for Hailey from H&G Designs. Designing a new home was on the cards for her and her partner Glenn. This included and brand new kitchen for the power couple on Queensland’s stunning Sunshine Coast.

If you’re following H&G Designs on Social Media, you know Hailey is all about a soft colour palette and coastal inspired interior style this was also the theme for her own home.

Minimalistic and Coastal Kitchen Design

Hailey and Glenn were already familiar with the Häfele range when they reached out in early 2020 asking for help. They have renovated and designed many spaces and used Häfele products many times before – but this time it was for their very own home. Creating a unique space that truly reflects the style of Hailey and Glenn but filling it with functional details were key for Hailey throughout the planning process. And as you can see, she definitely did a great job with it.

Kitchen of H&G Designs with round bench

Different shaped Island Bench

Catching the eye of everyone is definitely the uniquely shaped island bench. Instead of going for a traditional straight island bench, Hailey opted for a half circle that functions beautifully as a social space with the stove being in the centre of the bench, not interrupting the seating and dining area though. This way, Hailey and Glenn are able to entertain while cooking a delicious meal on their 90cm Häfele Induction cooktop.

Terazzo Island Bench with Induction Cooktop

Kitchen Appliances and Hidden Rubbish Bins

The Terazzo tiled island bench doesn’t just function as an entertaining space, as mentioned before, it features a beautiful, large 90cm Häfele Induction cooktop alongside a 90cm Häfele oven and a popular Hideaway bin. We’re big fans of kitchens that integrate waste management in their design and plan for built-in bins. When Hailey mentioned their plans on using a Hideaway Compact waste bin with two pails, we were dancing with joy. There are so many people visiting our showrooms across the country every day who are asking to retro-fit a bin to their kitchen as they simply forgot about waste management when they designed their kitchen. If there is one room in your home that produces the most rubbish, it certainly is the kitchen and we do recommend including rubbish bins with more than one pail to make waste separation easy.

Hailey pulling out a white Hideaway Bin out of her kitchen base cabinet

Quartz Sink over Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Moving on to the space behind the bench. A straight line with a beautiful minimalistic approach on overhead storage but loaded with functional features in the lower section. Right beneath the white powder coated Aluminium shelves sits the double bowl Häfele Quartz sink. As Hailey wanted to keep her home light and bright, the white Quartz sink was the perfect choice for her kitchen.

Stainless steel sinks have dominated the kitchen space for decades and while we love the differences in stainless steel sinks, we also love making room for new. Quartz kitchen sinks are a great alternative and often come in different finishes as well! Generally, quartz sinks are made out of 80% quartz and 20% acrylic. This quartz composite lays a great foundation for an incredibly durable and heat resistant sink. What a perfect condition for a sink that will not just last for many years to come but also will look stunning until the end. We believe in our outstanding quartz sink range and offer a 20-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Hafele White Quartz Sink

Functionality in Base Cabinets

Just like in most kitchens, right next to the sink, Hailey included a dishwasher. However, she chose the Häfele Integrated Dishwasher so the overall kitchen design isn't interrupted. The dishwasher blends in beautifully with the whole kitchen.

Under-sink storage is always a tough space to use in a functional manner. Hailey tackled the difficult space by adding the Portero Set II in her sink cabinet which not just makes it easy to store your cleaning products neatly, but the movable caddy also is a great feature when you need to clean another room and need to carry your cleaning essentials around the home. The white translucent baskets once again match Hailey’s overall colour palette and go with the theme of a white sink and white pails of her Hideaway bin.

Installed Portero Set II in under sink cabinet

Spice Drawer Insert with a WOW effect

Of course we can’t go past a kitchen without opening the drawers – and hopefully find tidy content. Hailey opted for a Salsa Spice Pro Drawer Insert in white to keep store her spice jars in a drawer to support the overall minimalistic feel of the kitchen. Organising your spices in a drawer doesn’t just keep your bench space clean, it also means you can see your spices all at once when you open your drawer without going through a spice jar collective until you find the spice you actually need. Based on your response on Spice Drawer Inserts, we know you understand exactly what we’re talking about.

White Salsa Pro Spice Drawer Insert to organise spice jars in kitchen drawer

Wooden Drawer Insert for a Sophisticated Design

To further support Hailey’s goals in a tidy and functional kitchen, she chose the Fineline MosaiQ drawer inserts for her cutlery and decided to go with the Ash Black finish to add a bit of contrast. We admittedly were a bit reluctant at first how it would work with her main colour palette but are positively surprised with the outcome. The contrast works beautifully and seeing the open drawer with her silver cutlery adds a nice accent to the room. Just another example that Hailey has a wealth of experience in Interior Design and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Fineline MosaiQ Wooden Drawer Inserts in Ash Black Finish

Thought-out Walk-in Pantry

Last but not least we couldn’t have been more excited when we heard about her little walk-in pantry that functions as a perfect coffee nook, featuring a beautiful Lelit coffee machine. As our Häfele’s headquarters are in Melbourne, we can more than understand Hailey’s and Glenn’s love for coffee and the need for creating a dedicated coffee making space. However, a walk-in pantry wouldn’t be a pantry if there weren’t functional features added to it. Hailey opted for simple yet beautiful shelves as overhead storage while focusing on key functional features for her base cabinets. Right next to the coffee machine, Hailey included a Dispensa Junior III to store all her everyday snacks such as dried fruits and nuts. A space for fresh fruit and veg was created right next to the Dispensa Junior III by using two wicker storage baskets. The open design of the wicker baskets break up the space nicely and provides an open-air space for fruit and veg without taking up bench space. Last but definitely not least, the walk-in pantry includes a Dispensa Pantry for the tall cabinet. The enclosed pull-out shelving system is a great storage space for cans and other pantry essentials like pasta, spreads, flour and more.

Dispensa Junior III Base Cabinet Storage Solution     Dispensa Pantry and Wicker Storage Baskets in Walk-in pantry

Plan your Kitchen from Start to Finish with Häfele

H&G Designs have really created a beautiful space inside and out that features hardware that will add functionality to the daily life.

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