The Kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchens connect people; it’s the room where families gather. No matter if you’re having a party or a family dinner, it all starts in the kitchen. More often than not, people don’t have enough space in their kitchen, so they’re using other rooms to store kitchen utensils as well. At Häfele, we have made it our mission to transform your kitchen space into a clever storage system so you don’t waste any space.

Kitchen Cabinets

Different Kitchen Cabinets

Basically, you have four different ways to store your items in the kitchen: Base units, Kitchen Pantries, Corners, and Overhead Cabinets. What sounds simple doesn’t necessarily mean it is. At Häfele Home we have a wide range of kitchen storage waiting for you to browse through. However, we always recommend you to come to one of our showrooms or visit one of our Studio Partners to get a good overview of what works best for your kitchen. Even though we do offer a good selection of products on Häfele Home, our Studio Partners can always offer you some extras, especially for those who are renovating and building new kitchens.

Not all kitchen cabinets are created equally. There are many differences not only in quality, but also in design options, colours, size and functionality; and the same with kitchens. A new kitchen is not something you want to rush into. You want to take the time to go through different options and in the end; you want to purchase products of good, reliable quality which will last you for years. There is nothing more frustrating when you have put so much effort and time to find what you want, only to discover that it is not supported by extensive testing and warranty.

With purchasing Häfele Clever Storage Products made by Kesseböhmer, you receive products made in Germany, officially tested to European standards and quality. These are products which will last years when installed properly and taken care for. We have had customers returning after 20 years, ready to purchase their second kitchen and wanting to use the latest that we have to offer – isn’t this amazing?

No. 15 Pull Out Cabinets

Let’s start with Base Units. Base units are your cabinets underneath the benchtop. Häfele Home offers different models of pull-out options which not only can be simply hidden away, but are extremely functional as well. There are two different types of pull-out units. First of all, you have the pull-outs which are fixed at the cabinet door. Alternatively, you can have a normal 90° door opening and pull out the unit separately. It is up to you and what will work best for you and your family.

Secondly, Häfele Home has a solution for the tricky corner cupboard. Always a frustrating cupboard as they are either too deep or where items get lost. To make the most of your kitchen corner we offer you three different solutions: LeMans II, Magic Corner, and REVO 90°. All three of them use your kitchen corner in the most efficient way and can absolutely be used to impress guests. We cannot name a preference as they all are pretty amazing – why not have a different corner storage solution for each kitchen corner?

Before we move to overhead cabinets, let’s talk about kitchen pantries, or tall cabinets. These are cabinets that extend from the floor to almost the ceiling, which are the full height, combining overhead and base units. As with the base units, all of the pantries Häfele Home is offering are pull-out pantries. Again, these can be attached to the cabinet door so you pull the door, or you have a 90° cabinet opening and the pantry trays will be pulled out simultaneously.

Lastly, overhead cabinets are common to every kitchen like a tap and a sink. Häfele Home offers the iMove as an innovative approach for your overhead cabinets. By installing the iMove, you no longer have to find a step stool to reach the top – now you can simply pull the top down. It comes in handy, right? If you are not a big fan of overhead cabinets, Häfele Home has the Linero MosaiQ set for you. The Linero MosaiQ set of your choice is fixed directly to the wall or splashback and it’s ready to go, holding light things such as paper rolls, cooking cutlery, and anything similar. The Linero MosaiQ is fantastic to have everything nicely organised.

There is allot of planning that goes into building and renovating a kitchen, however, it pays off in the end when you can finally sit back and enjoy all the labours of your design and functionally. Häfele Home offers individual parts for your kitchen, which is great if you only need a few pieces. However, if you are looking at building a complete kitchen, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our studio partners to get professional support making your kitchen the kitchen of your dreams.

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