Hideaway Coloured Liner Holders- For Bin Pails

Cat. No: 503.51.963

Colour Code Your Hideaway Bins.

Take your home or office waste bin to the next level with Hideaway colour coded liner holders. This simple yet effective upgrade can have a bigger impact than you think. Read on to see the benefits of colour coding your waste bin and see how to choose the correct liner holders to suit your Hideaway Bin.

Say Goodbye to Confusion and Hello to Simplicity!

  Area of Application: Fits onto the top of the Hideaway pail, holding the bin liner securely in place as well as keeping the bin liner clear of the drawer runners.
 Features: Easier waste and recycling separation, ensures items are put in the correct pail, reduction of waste contamination.
 Material: Recyclable food grade polypropylene
 Version: 13L & 16L
15L & 20L
 Finish: Red

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