Top suggestions for Clever Storage

Top suggestions for Clever Storage


Without a design vision that puts storage solutions at the heart of your kitchen design, it’s easy to end up with a cooking space that feels crowded, disjointed, or even plain messy. 
Storage can make or break your kitchen. At Häfele, we believe that functionality should be at the core of your design from the start, and what better way to go about this than customising your space to suit your individual needs? 
The Maker Designer Kitchens (TMDK) is one of Western Australia’s leading luxury kitchen designers - specialising in locally designed and manufactured kitchens. With a commitment to functional design and quality materials, TMDK is a leading voice when it comes to kitchen storage ideas.
We spoke to their design team about their recommendations for the best kitchen storage solutions and here’s what we learned. 


Tandem pantries can bring new levels of organisation into your home


One of the most important aspects of kitchen design should be organisation. The designers at TMDK only recommend Häfele kitchen storage systems for anyone wanting to introduce new levels of organisation into their home. Häfele Tandem pantries are an excellent inclusion to create a beautifully organised pantry with all your pantry items on display. Depending on the space available, this clever accessory can easily adapt to your needs, with two full-size Tandem pantries offering the ultimate solution to your organisation needs. 
The designers at TMDK believe that functional storage solutions like the Tandem pantry should always be installed with good design principles and high-quality materials. After all, luxury kitchen design complements both practicality and looks. For example, you can combine the Tandem pantry with custom cabinetry that includes shelves and drawers, while opting for the half-size Tandem pantry offers further customisation if you do wish to combine drawers above or below. For ultimate functionality we recommend integrated Hafele Loox Lighting to ensure adequate lighting.


Integrate wherever you can


Integrating appliances can be a great way of ensuring your kitchen's design remains clean and optimised for your everyday needs. 
Aside from reducing unwanted clutter, integration can also enhance your kitchen’s design and functionality. The designers at TMDK love that) the Häfele product range has a number of options to choose from to customise your kitchen working zone to suit your individual cooking style. 
An integrated waste bin is an absolute must-have in their kitchens. While the Euro Cargo ST45 is a long-time favourite of the TMDK designers inclusions list, they are now seeing their clients' needs trending more towards the ST60 as design preferences shift towards more diversified and conscious waste management practices. 
If you have the space for a larger waste bin the ST60 offers you 2 extra compartments - perfect for organic waste disposal and composting needs. With cleanliness as a core of the design, the Euro Cargo ST60 includes a cover that eliminates attracting flying bugs in this zone. If you don't have the space, consider the ST45 as a top inclusion that will change the way you organise waste in your kitchen.


Embrace versatility with Häfele corner storage


Some of the best kitchen storage ideas come from embracing versatility in otherwise small spaces. No matter what space you’re working in, corner units make great use of space and offer versatile storage space options for the most awkward corners in your kitchen. 
Häfele Corner storage is a must-have according to the TMDK team, and we highly recommend the Le Mans Corner Unit as a brilliant way to store heavy or large items like pots or cutting boards without having to reach right into the cupboard. Bear in mind these units are difficult to retrofit, so be sure to speak to your kitchen designer well in advance about these inclusions. If space permits, the Häfele Magic Corner Unit offers ultimate access and enhanced ergonomics and is another must-have in TMDK kitchens.


Keep appliances out of sight but easily accessible


Practical workstations needn’t be at the expense of clean and seamless design. Hafele appliance cupboards are a go-to for creating a practical workstation for everyday items like the kettle, toaster or coffee machine. When not in use - simply close the appliance cupboard and hide these items from sight. 
Häfele offers a choice of a bifold option that matches your kitchen cabinets, or a roller door option designed to match your colour scheme. Complementing design elements is a critical part of ensuring a seamless design vision for your kitchen. Appliance cupboards look fantastic in your kitchen as your stone countertop can continue seamlessly throughout the cupboard allowing for easy access by sliding appliances in and out. Integrated Loox lighting ensures there is always adequate task lighting when using this station.



Get clever with clever storage


If extra space is hard to come by, the No.15 Pull Out is an innovative way to make use of narrow gaps in your kitchen by installing an integrated storage solution.
With a choice of the 2 Tier, Baking Tray or Towel Rail, we recommend placing these symmetrically next to the fridge, oven or dishwasher where you can tailor the storage to your needs. 
While all three have their advantages, the TMDK designers top pick is the 2 Tier pull out as you can have your cooking essentials like oils and spices readily available and when not in use, they stay hidden inside your cabinetry for that clean and minimalist look and feel.

Enhance your kitchen with Smart Technology


These days, the best kitchen storage ideas aren't just about organising kitchen-related appliances, and ingredients - they’re also starting to encompass the technology we rely on to consult recipes, do homework or catch up on the news.
Smart tech is all the rage with many households opting to include the latest features in the design and layout. Point Pods & Docking Drawers are an excellent way of staying true to your design vision without compromising on functionality. Point Pods allow the design of a kitchen to shine through while ensuring easy access to power for your kitchen workstation. 
We recommend installing Point Pods to avoid having an ugly powerpoint installed on the side of your kitchen island or in your splashback. They’re a fantastic inclusion as they also include USB charging points and completely disappear from sight when not in use. Docking drawers can cater to larger items like laptops, tablets and phones and are the best solution for a clear counter space. Docking drawers can also help keep your valuable devices away from liquids and cooking activities.


Get the best storage solutions for your kitchen 


Your kitchen’s storage and functionality should never be an afterthought.


TMDK can help you find the right Häfele kitchen accessories for your home, taking advantage of Häfele’s quality product range, not to mention our adherence to the highest European and German standards. If you’re inspired to include more innovative kitchen storage space solutions in your home, visit the Häfele Home website.

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